03 – ARRI 16 SR-3

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– 35 mm film – Brilliant viewfinders
– High quality video assist
– Electronically adjustable mirror shutte

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The ARRIFLEX 16SR 3 / SR 3 Advanced is designed to meet all modern production requirements. With the advanced model the viewfinder brightness has been improved through the removal of the lightmeter. The newly designed film guide with sapphire rollers on both sides reduces film dust development and enhances image steadiness dramatically in telecine transfer. The Integrated Video System (IVS) offers maximum video quality. With its off-set PL lens mount it is easy to change the recording format from Regular 16 to Super 16.

Equipped with timecode, the ARRIFLEX 16SR 3 / SR 3 Advanced offers direct access to electronic post production. A manually adjustable mirror shutter and the smooth operation level of 20 dBA (+ 2 dBA tolerance) expand the working possibilities of this universal production camera.

A high speed version (16SR 3 Advanced HS) is also available.
Format Normal 16 / Super 16

The format change from normal 16 to super 16 is fast and simple. With the off-set design of the pl-mount, the center of the image is precisely adapted to the format required. This guarantees optimum lens performance for super 16.

To convert the universal film gate only a small change is necessary. There is no need for a new film gate, which also leaves the original adjustments untouched.

Fiber optic screens with all common markings and format combinations can be interchanged quickly.


With the pl-mount (Ø 54 mm) and the unchanged rigid flange focal distance all ARRI lenses can be used. For the 16mm lens range with 41 mm diameter steel bayonet, an adapter is available which may remain permanently in the camera even when changing the lens.
Time Code

Time code is the key to all modern methods of electronic post production. As a linking element between film and video technology it is integrated in the ARRIFLEX 16 SR3. The recording module is located in the magazine, where also the time code sensitivity is adjusted. The 80-bit time code fully complies with the SMPTE RP 136 standard, Form C.
Video Assist

The two 1/2″ (inch color and black/white CCD video cameras and the anti flicker module AFP-2 provide an especially bright and high quality video assist. The video-optic-transmission is adjustable from normal 16 to super 16, and reproduces the full image of either format on the monitor.

The standard handgrip is fast and easy to interchange with the video-set. Even with the attached video camera, the viewfinder can pivot by 120° across the camera for comfort. Changing the beam splitter for black/white or color ratio is simple and does not require adjustment.
Variable Mirror Shutter

To achieve a wide field of production possibilities, it is possible to mechanically ad just the opening sector of the mirror shutter when camera is switched off. The most important opening sectors of 90°,135°, 144°,172.8° and 180° are locked and also indicated on the camera’s display. An automatic mirror shutter stop provides undisturbed viewing through the finder and a precise mirror position.
Viewing System with ARRIGLOW

New and especially convenient designed is the viewing system of the ARRIFLEX 16 SR3:

Equipped with ARRIGLOW, a steplessly adjustable illuminated frame in the viewfinder makes filming easier when format markings are difficult to see in low light situations.

Warning indications for asynchronous camera speed, film end and low battery are integrated in the finder. The finder center can be adjusted to the required format (normal 16 or super 16). A switchable magnification is available in the viewfinder extension.

Even with the video camera attached, the viewfinder can now pivot by 120° from the left to the right camera side. Without video assist, pivoting of 190° is possible. The finder is rotatable by 360° parallel to the body and can be swung away by 25°.

The viewfinder provides automatic upright images at all times. The image can also be manually orientated.
Control panel with LCD-display

ARRIFLEX 16SR3 – Control PanelA large LCD-display on the left camera side clearly shows information of all adjusted settings. Below the display, a control panel has been integrated offering simple and precise access to the most essential camera functions. Adjustable are:

frame rates from 5 to 75 fps (HS version 10 to 150 fps)
film counter (switchable from meter to feet)
display of: the opening sector of the mirror shutter
time code user bits, time code sensitivity readout
battery voltage, with warning indication of low battery (BAT)
film end (END) and asynchronous camera speed (ASY)

Optionally most functions can be controlled external via the CCU-l (Camera Control Unit).