01 – BRIESE Lichttechnik 2 kw focus 140

1,00 € / day

The focus 140 provides a similarly detailed and crisp light as the focus 115. It is a real Allrounder. Good for portraits but also for group shots and whenever space is of no relevance. His Inventor H.W. Briese, says of this reflector: «If you have it, you’ll never lose.»

The 115 focus makes a very concrete light, comparable with that of the focus 96. However the focus 115 has an even greater range of lightings between «Spot» and «Flood»: hard, soft and everything thats in between. With the focus 115 you can sift out details, animate surfaces or accentuate wrinkles in weathered faces. Good for atmospheric portraits and group pictures, but also for «Still» and «Food».


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