The Super Pee Wee III+ is new from Chapman! The SPW III+ dolly is the perfect location dolly that allows the camera to be raised and lowered via a hydraulic arm. It offers a small footprint so it can be manuvered in tight spaces, and built-in track wheels for both straight and curved track.

These dollies also incorporate a Chapman «Universal Stop Valve» which both feathers the stop of the arm and allows you to pre-set start and stop arm height. The SPW III+ also incorporates Chapman’s new «Universal» head design, which offers the most versatility in camera placement. Whether its a super high or super low lens height, camera height adjustments are extremely fast.

DOLLY Completa + 10 metros de vías


Revolutionary new three mode transmission featuring conventional, crab and round steering that can be shifted while the dolly is moving or tationary, without the dolly operator’s hands leaving the steering handle. This transmission has the ability to be adjusted to provide perfect steering geometry when reconfiguring the chassis to its various leg positions. No other transmission has been able to do this.

Now provides for much less maintenance. (a) The need for air bleeding has been eliminated. (b) Corrosion resistance has been dramatically improved. (c) All exposed working joints have been sealed. (d) Far greater precision greatly reduces the need for adjustments. All adjustments, if required by operator’s specific desires, can be done externally without removing bolted covers or lids. (e) Steering chain adjustments have been virtually eliminated, dramatically reducing maintenance time. (f) Larger hydraulic capacity requires less recharging. (g) Greater strength reduces the possibility of damage. (h) Modular design of steering transmission and shifting linkage facilitates quick and easy replacements.

New arm design provides greater operator clearance, while assuring greater rigidity, smoothness, speed and added vertical travel. This new trim arm design also allows for lower camera setups when the camera is located above the chassis. All edges and corners are rounded to provide for greater operator comfort.

New valve concept gives the operator much improved control, providing for greater speed with added precision.

Stop valve now requires no tools to make adjustments. Accessibility is now directly in front of the dolly operator, providing for quick and easy adjustments.

Improved Universal Head performance is now achieved. Added arm precision, a control cylinder and a middle rib provides major gains in safety and rigidity.

Has a new side board system. Feedback from thousands of users and our own survey has led to this new design that provides complete walk-a-round ability at both the high and low levels.

Leg positions have been improved to enhance performance by providing: (a) 0 degrees position for narrowest configuration with standard tires. (b) 10 degrees position for narrowest configuration with pneumatic tires or for side mounting the dolly 880 mm track. (c) 44 degrees position for standard 24.5 inches track alignment and general all-around use. (d) 84 degrees position for maximum lateral stability or for side mounting dolly on 24.5 inches track. (e) Front legs at 84 degrees, rear legs at 0 degree. This is the three-point contact position for standard tires which is great for outdoor use on rough terrain (f) 70 degrees position where Tread and Wheel Base are Equal, called the S position. (g) Front legs at 84 degrees, rear legs at 10 degrees. This is the three-point contact position for pneumatic tires, which is great for outdoor use on rough terrain (h) Front legs at 180 degrees and the rear legs at 0 degree provides the most compact dolly configuration with Standard Medium Tires, making it efficient,even in especially tight quarters.

Now comes with built-in heat control for the hydraulic system to maintain a minimum hydraulic oil temperature of 70 degrees F, thus providing constant performance, even in the coldest environments.