The Ronford F4 is one of the industry’s flagship tripods. Its smooth fluid head is rarely matched by any other tripod manufacturer. Its has been a reliable workhorse of the film industry for a long time now. Anyone in the know will know about a Ronford. This particular one has been looked after, and although it has seen better days cosmetically still performs with the same action as it did when it was new. There is a very slight mist of oil starting to appear by the joint above the bowl, although when wiped off it takes along time to re form. IMHO its still got a very long life left. It comes complete with a detachable spreader and legs and a pan bar. The feet can be used as spikes or adapted with rubber feet. The rubber feet are included. Minimum height with spreader attached is 1m and maximum height with spreader on is 1.93m. The Fluid head bowl is 150mm diameter.