02 – Dolly Cameleon


  • Electrically chargable pnuematic arm
  • (2) seats
  • (2) side boards
  • (1) front board
  • Track wheels
  • Range: 17″ to 54″
  • Hand pump for locations without electricity


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The Cameleon features a hydraulic accumulator system which is charged using an electric motor prior to filming each scene. With a full charge, the boom will raise and lower quietly over 4 times before needing to be recharged. Charging takes about 100 seconds.

Semi-automatic electric charging.
Boom Control Knob
Foot Pump charging when no AC power is available
4-Way Leveling Head.
Pressure Gauge.
Boom Speed Limiter for precise boom control.
Utility Holes
Removable Steering Post for easy transportation.
Dimension Diagram