01 – HMI 12/18 KW Daylight

–  Lensess Arrimax


–  New 1800W lamp

–  Virtually the same size as a 1200W lamphead but more than 70 percent brighter

–  Runs from most domestic sockets world-wide

–  Uses existing 575/1200 cables

–  Can also be used with 1200W lamps and ballasts

–  Cross cooling* allows safe operation at any tilt angle

–  True Blue tilt lock holds even heavy Chimeras

–  Easy maintenance

–  Weather resistant to IP23

logo_arri_2_35 + Info ARRI M-Series


The Daylight range using Double-Ended daylight lamps has been the m ARRI M-Seriesain stay of the film industry for many years. ARRI AD Spotlights have the largest lenses in their class and the finest light Distribution so far. The smaller Daylight wattages have been superseded by the smaller COMPACT Range, whilst the AD18/12 kW remain unrivalled.